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There are a number of ways to repair a slab foundation in Texas. Concrete pressed piers which are driven to refusal are one of the most common foundation repair systems in North Texas.We offer professional slab foundation repair in Texas with warranties on all our work. Call us today or fill out our free estimate form and one of our agents will come out to the property to conduct a detailed analysis and advise on repair options.
Concrete Pressed Piers & Steel Pressed Piers have been used for decades in North Texas and are an effective tool for structural support. Pressed Piers are most commonly used for foundation repair because of their advantages over other methods. Other methods used are drilled piers, poured footings. and mud jacking to name a few.

Advantages of the Pressed Piers include shorter installation periods and deeper pier depth. It is also less abrasive to your landscape than drilled piers or poured footings. These latter systems require excavation and lengthy drying times & you can expect to have exposed holes around your foundation for up to two weeks. During these weeks, your landscape is uprooted and at risk. Typically, Pressed Pier installations are completed in one to two days depending on the plan of repair.

RS Foundations uses either concrete pressed piers or steel pressed piers to stabilize the foundation. We install the piers to refusal and  by installing the piers to refusal and leveling the structure to the allowable tolerances. Our knowledgeable consultant can determine which pier is right for your home and walk you through the process.

Unlike mud jacking sometimes used for interior lifts, Pressed Piers are guaranteed to drive through the collapsed soils and give solid structural support. Pressed Piers are driven to reach load-bearing refusal. This means that the pier is driven through the existing problematic soils around and under the slab until the frictional buildup is so great that the structure is lifted and supported. Typical drilled piers are only 12-15 feet in depth and poured footers even less. This depth could be too shallow for the existing soils around and under the foundation. The way to ensure the Life Time Warranty is to drive piers past the active zone of movement in your soil. Pressed Concrete & Pressed Steel Piers are designed to do just that. Pressed Piers are the long-term solution for slab foundation and pier & beam foundation structural repair

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A slab foundation is a flat, thick layer of concrete on which a home is built. Concrete slabs in Texas often settle over time, most commonly because supporting soils have failed. Erosion and years of drought are the most common contributor to slab settlement followed by poor compaction and organic decomposition. Settlement destroys the integrity of concrete slab foundations, which ultimately leads to major problems in the structural integrity of the building. Common signs of foundation problems include exterior brick cracks, separation of exterior trim, sheet rock cracks, doors sticking, sloping or cracked floors, loose tile, and gaps around window frames or garage doors. The longer the problem exists, the more expensive foundation repairs as well as cosmetic damages will cost to repair. 

Homes in DFW are built upon expansive clay soil which reacts to extreme seasonal changes. The soil gains volume as it hydrates during rainy times and shrinks in volume during times of drought. The slab can crack or shift which causes damage to the structure. Typical repairs will cost from $3000-$6000 on a slab foundation. Our knowledgeable consultant can determine which pier is right for your home and walk you through the process. 

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