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​​A root barrier is usually installed between concrete foundations or flatwork and adjacent trees within their mature height from the foundation and where there is expansive clay soil to prevent tree roots from consuming moisture from the soil under the area of concern. Installation of root barriers can prevent damage to concrete slab on grade foundations when installed properly. The soil under a structure will swell or expand as it becomes rehydrated and in doing so will lift the portion of the structure that has experienced differential settlement back to near the level of the structure where differential settlement has not occurred.

We install root barriers which are made with an impermeable, durable material that can withstand burial in soil for an extended period of time.

The act of cutting off the roots of trees that are growing near a building and installing a barrier to prevent their encroaching in an area where they are not desired is called installing a root barrier. The need for root barriers is related to the fact that expansive clay soil shrinks as it dries out. Any structure that expansive clay soil is supporting will move downward as the soil dries and shrinks. If the soil dries on one side of the structure and not the other, the soil shrinks where it has dried and remains expanded where it has not dried, causing the structure to experience differential settlement. Differential settlement can cause serious damage to a structure.